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Debussy - Suite bergamasque
Test audio: Prelude
Bach - Französische Suite c-Moll
Ravel - „Le tombeau de Couperin“
Test audio: Menuet
Test audio: Toccata
Albéniz - Suite espagnole


Enregistrement et montage: Martin Litauer  
Mixage: Johannes Kammann

Paru chez Label Tirando TRD 256 LC 11902.



John Patrick Thomas - Solitary Singing

Ce CD peut être commandé chez Isabel Gabbe.


Contenu du CD

Four Poems by William Searle (1965)
1 Her Death
2 The Blind Musician
3 Lady When You Turn from Him
4 Fall-out

Rumi (1990) Six Poems by Jelaludin Rumi
5 Stay in the company of lovers
6 Take someone who doesn't keep score
7 Someone who goes with half a loaf of bread
8 There's a strange frenzy in my head
9 When I die, lay out the corpse
10 When one is united of the core of another

Oh Christianity (1976-81) Five Poems by Stevie Smith
11 Oh Christianity, Christianity
12 The Airy Christ
13 How Cruel Is the Story of Eve
14 Scorpion
15 Was he Married?

Homage to Hathor (2003)
16 Hunting Song: Hi! (Walter de la Mare)
17 Song of the Letort Spring Run (Gordon M. Wickstorm)
18 Wild Birds (Four Japanese Poems)
19 The Heaven of Animals (James Dickey)


Julia Henning, Soprano
Isabel Gabbe, Piano



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